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Geekerific home, controlled by voice and hand gestures

MIT home control

(Tech News) Can you imagine turning a 200 sf apartment into a 600 sf apartment with hand gestures and voice commands? MIT can, and they’re making it a reality.

MIT home control

Technology gone wild

MIT has long been known for its technological innovations and problem-solving gurus and their latest creation is no exception. We have heard about the technology advancements for the “home of the future” and how you will be able to control your lights and sounds with the touch of a smartphone button, but MIT has taken the concept far beyond a single technological wonder.

MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places research group has designed a concept apartment that allows for person space customization. The project, called “CityHome,” is a futuristic apartment that features a transformable wall system which can integrate a variety of functions like furniture, storage, ready-made office equipment, exercise gear, as well as, lighting and audio/visual systems.

The apartment also allows the user to control the furniture and lighting via gestures and voice commands. The team even thought about using different apps within the house for special occasions. In the video, you also see that the brightness, as well as the color of the lighting can be controlled, as well as, the window coverings and so much more.

A single unit housed a desk, bed, dining table, light and sound system, allowing the user to double, or even triple their space by keeping these things off the floor and out of sight when there were not being used. Think about the amount of space a bed takes up; it would be nice to store it away when it was no longer in use.

The video also shows that the entire unit can be moved with gestures and voice commands, allowing you to place it wherever you want, while still retaining form and function. This is not only amazing for small spaces, but also guest rooms, office spaces, and just about anywhere in between; plus, the novelty of being able to control every element of your home with voice commands and gestures is pretty darn cool.

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