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Invi makes texting a hundred times better, more beautiful


(Tech News) Invi is a text messaging app for Android and soon, iOS that makes texting more beautiful and media-rich. It could end up being a successful hybrid of several existing concepts.


Supercharge your text messages with Invi

Sharing pictures, videos and emoticons have become common place in text messages. There are several alternative messaging apps that do a good job of offering integrated videos and photo sharing like, WhatsApp. Invi takes this concept to a whole new level. Invi integrates any type of media directly into your chat. No more tiny thumbnails and boring links.

Photos, videos, links, and content you share from other apps are all embedded and viewable within your chat window, so you may continue texting as you watch. You never have to toggle in and out of your chat again, for anything. It also features a “cover photo” like image for each of your contacts. When you launch the app, and add your contacts, each one will have their own large cover photo, making it easy to distinguish one friend from another when you need to quickly send a message. This is a nice change from the default messages that contain only a name and thumbnail image.

I especially like this app for YouTube videos. You can view the video in your chat and continue to text as you watch it. No more switching between apps and waiting for the YouTube app to launch separately. I can see this being extremely helpful when collaborating on projects, since you can discuss in real-time, without fumbling around for another app. And if you share a web link, you will not see a long web address. Instead, you will see an interactive preview, allowing you to see and discuss the content without leaving the app.

Invi also simplifies sharing

If you see something you love in another app you can share it through Invi. And then, you can share the same thing from Invi to any other app on your phone. So you can share from Invi to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, easily. You can also search for content from the Invi chat, without the need to leave the app to find photos, videos, and favorite sites.

The app is currently available only to Android users, but there is an iOS waiting list on the Invi site.

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