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parking ticket chatbot

What can chatbots do? They can be your robo...

Jul 05, 20161 Comment

(TECH NEWS) DoNotPay calls itself “the first robot lawyer.” It’s a web-based bot that can give legal advice and even appeal parking tickets. Genius!

virtual reality VR

What has the BBC learned from their VR effo...

Jul 05, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) For the past year, the major British broadcaster has been “rapid prototyping” new technologies for educational and news programming. So what have they


Faster: Google plugs their undersea cable i...

Jul 05, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) In a world of increasing interconnectivity, Google has just, quite literally, plugged into Japan.


Bose introduces a build-it-yourself speaker...

Jul 05, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) Bose announced that the new BOSEbuild line was designed specifically with children 8 years old and up in mind. The new BOSEbuild speakers


Samsung is spending big money on Internet o...

Jun 28, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) Electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will pledge $1.2 billion over the next four years towards startups and research about the Internet


Microsoft acquires Wand Labs to make textin...

Jun 21, 2016No Comments

Wand Labs is a peek into the future of texting, and Microsoft has just ponied up and bought the whole company. What does this say


Mattersight tech matches callers to call ce...

Jun 21, 2016No Comments

Mattersight helps call centers treat callers like humans by using technology to match them with the appropriate staff. A beautiful irony, don't you think?

net neutrality

Net neutrality opposers are not throwing in...

Jun 20, 2016No Comments

Dissenting member of the FCC commission, Ajit Pai, insists that “these regulations are unlawful” and encourages telecom companies to “continue the legal fight.”


Napster is making a comeback thanks to Rhap...

Jun 20, 20163 Comments

It looks as though an old, familiar face may be making a comeback courtesy of Rhapsody. Rhapsody is re-branding themselves as Napster and are looking


Better upgrade to Windows 10 while it’...

Jun 16, 20163 Comments

Windows has been pushing those helpful little notification on Windows system to upgrade; if you don’t heed those notifications by July 29, it will cost


Dakota is like Uber for tech support

Jun 16, 2016No Comments

Dakota is on the verge of launching a tech support tool that puts you in touch with an expert live - no driving, no huge


6 things you might not know your iPhone can...

Jun 16, 2016No Comments

The iPhone has been in the market of smartphone usage for quite some time but still offers secret features all may not be aware of.