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Real5d adds dimensions to virtual property tours


Real5d lets anyone walk around a property from their home, in full dimensions, even if the building is not completely built, adding extra dimensions to any virtual tour.


Real5d: virtual representation of any property

Imagine what you could do as a property developer or a sales agent if you had use of 5D virtual technology. Well, this is what Real5d is all about. This technology allows you to create a virtual representation of any property. All you need are the blueprints to get started and you can virtually build the entire structure so you can show it to investors, clients, or prospective property buyers, even before the property is built or open to walkthroughs.

If you’re a property developer, the 5D technology means you can create a plan and create an entire virtual walkthrough for potential investors. Helping your investors to visualize what exactly the building will look like and how it will function can increase the number of your investors and also how long it takes for them to decide to invest in your project. Real5d’s technology helps you create a visual representation that can be toured as if you were walking through the property in real life.

Additional uses, features

It’s also a useful program for those who are designing their own homes and having professionals build it. The homeowners can log in and change anything they want in the blueprints and the builders will be notified. This gives the client the power and control of their home while keeping the builders up-to-date. Everyone wins.

One of this program’s unique features includes the ability to video chat with those viewing your virtual property. This allows them to have a guided tour and they have the ability to ask questions and receive timely answers. Real5d also will notify you when someone is virtually viewing the property so you can log in and interact with them in real-time. It’s about convenience and personalized service in a digital environment.

This program is free for clients viewing properties, but not for those creating them. Currently, their prices aren’t listed on their website. However, if you’re looking for a new way to bring your blueprints to life or to have a more personal experience with clients viewing a virtual home, real5d may be a viable option to consider.

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