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Reamaze marries helpdesk and contact management


In an era of bad online support, Reamaze stands out, adding context to any issue that may arise. Still in public beta, this tool is definitely turning heads.


Reamaze combines contact management with helpdesk: slick

Currently in public beta with no pricing yet announced, Reamaze is a gorgeous combination of helpdesk and contact management, which the company says “offers an intimate way for you to have conversations with your customers wherever they may be and keep track of who they are.”

So you’re selling shirts online, or an app, or you’re a service provider like a writer or designer, and you need a way to help customers but need flexibility. Reamaze offers support through email, Facebook, and Twitter so you can meet customers where they are.

Your team can use the response templates to speed up response times, and the tool even helps your company void sending colliding responses to the same thread. Organize by using tags, and never force someone to download an app they’ll be annoyed at downloading – Reamaze is already completely mobile ready, right out of the box.

Taking it a step further

The tool also has a built in knowledge base of public notes, so customers can search for answers, possibly helping themselves without having to contact you or your employees, or keep a library of private articles for your team’s eyes only.

Reamaze offers reporting so you know your response times and conversation volume, and customize your support center with your logo and branding. Through the site widget you can embed on your website, customers can start a conversation right there without being sent away to a third party site that could confuse them (“wait, why am I here, what happened to Bob’s Thingamajig website?”).

Most importantly of all, the technology allows you to keep customer profiles complete which can add context to the conversation when they reach out for support, gathering past conversations, tickets, and information.

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