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Sky WiFi Smartpen sends written and spoken words to Evernote

If you and your paper notepad are inseparable, there is good news: there is now a pen that listens to audio AND what your pen is writing, and sends it directly to your Evernote account. Genius!

echo pen

echo pen

Life in the digital era

It seems as though nearly everything has a digital component these days. That may be one of the many reasons that professionals sometimes prefer to bring their laptops or tablets with them to take notes during meetings, lectures, and workshops.

Having a digital copy of important documents is great, so is the freedom it provides in making immediate changes and updates. But now you don’t have to sacrifice your traditional and reliable pad of paper. All you need is a pen to digitally record everything you write and everything that is said around you, making this the perfect solution for the busy professional. And, luckily for you, there is such a thing.

sky wifi smartpen

Drum roll, please…

The Sky WiFi Smartpen is a combination of Livescribe and Evernote’s professional efforts, making for one awesome and unique pen. The Smartpen is intuitive and you never have to plug in the pen and upload your information to your computer. It syncs all the information instantly, without you ever having to pause your work to make sure your data is backed up onto your Evernote account.

There are already pens on the market that record everything you write; it’s true. But one of the many unique features is that it records audio at its highest quality. You could use this feature if you’re attending a meeting or lecture and want to make sure the entirety of the discussion is recorded, as well as your notes. You can also use it if you’re working on a project and you’d like to add commentary along with your handwritten notes, diagrams, or graphs.

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sky wifi smartpen

The smartpen’s multiple options

As expected, the Smartpen can be a little pricey. You can buy it on Amazon, and you have three basic options: 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB of data storage. The Smartpen ranges from about $170 to $250. It’s also bulky, much bulkier than a normal pen. Depending on how you normally hold a pen and the size of your hands, it may be more than uncomfortable and unproductive trying to take written notes quickly and effectively.

Even with its bulkiness, the Sky WiFi Smartpen could be an excellent tool for multitasking and making sure you have all the recorded information you need, both handwritten and audio-based. You’ll never have to worry about losing a thought or idea before you can record it. This is a pen that you may never want to loan out. You probably won’t get it back.

evernote pen

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wifi pen

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