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What can Google Now do? Comprehensive commands list

Google Now is like a psychic personal assistant, and throw in voice control and you’ve got a powerful tool at your fingertips. The only trick is that you need to know how to talk to it!

google now

google now

Google Now can be a personal assistant

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant app available from within the Google Search app in mobile devices, both Apple (iPad and iPhone) and Android (4.1 or higher), designed with the goal of helping you with information you need throughout your day, before you even ask for it.

The app has been lauded for knowing so much about you, for example, when you’re signed in to Google on your desktop and search for a local Thai restaurant, when you pick up your Android or iOS with Google Now, it assumes that’s where you’re going and maps it without you asking and tells you how long it will take to get there in traffic. Throw in some voice control and you’ve got a wicked personal assistant.

Google Now commands list

Learn these, save them to Google Keep, or Evernote to reference while you’re on the go.

General commands:
Go to (URL)
Note to self (say note)
Call (contact or number)
Text (contact or number) (message)
Send email to (name, subject and message)

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Scheduling commands:
Remind me to (task) at (time)
Remind me to (task) at (place)
Set alarm (time)
Set a timer for (time)
Wake me up at (time)
Schedule (event) on (date)
Set an appointment to (event) on (date)
What are the hours for (business)
When is (holiday)
What time is it in (location)
When is daylight savings

Navigation commands:
Navigate/directions to (place)
How far is (place) from my location
Where is (place/business)
Nearest (place/business)
I’m hungry
Map of (place)
Navigate me home (goes to place you set as your home location)
Take me home

Play (song name) or (artist name)
How long is (movie name)
Show times for (movie)

Social media, other:
YouTube (your query)
Google this picture
Scan this (for QR or barcodes)
Post to Google plus (text)

What is the weather (today/tomorrow or future date)
Do I need an umbrella (today/tomorrow or future date)
Will it (weather)
When is (sunrise) or (sundown)

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When is the next (team) game
How are (team) doing
When do (team) play next
Did (team) win their last game
(Sport) schedule

Calculations, conversions:
What’s (number) in (number)
Convert (currency, length, etc.) to (currency, length, etc.)
Percent of (number)
+ Nearly any type of calculation or conversion

Flight number
Has (flight number) landed
When will (flight number) land
When will (flight number) depart

Stock for (company)
Who is the CEO of (company)
Pictures of (subject)
Define (word)
What is the currency of (country)
Calculator (pulls up calculator)
Translate to (language) (phrase)

Easter Eggs:
Do a barrel roll
Bacon number (actor)
Sudo, make me a sandwich
What’s the loneliest number
What’s your favorite color
What phase is the moon
Tell me a joke
Instead of talking, let it listen to a song to identify it

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