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Workface makes live chat on your site not suck


Workface offers a new way to “humanize” your employees to web site visitors. It allows your visitors instant access to chat, employee profiles, and social media links.


Offering website visitors a unique human touch

Workface offers a different take on live chat software. Instead of providing your customers with a nameless, faceless, call center, Workface connect your customers with your employees, giving them the authenticity, immediacy and relevance they want.

People no longer want to connect with a fictitious “live person Sarah.” They want someone they can see, and get a feel for before they decide to connect one-on-one. They want to know something about the person behind the live chat button and Workface offers your business this amenity.

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Customizable engagement tool

When I tested out the live preview with our own AGBeat site, you immediately notice the toolbar pop up at the bottom, which would enable me to communicate with visitors to our site. This toolbar is completely customizable and comprised of three key components: engagement, workface, and employee profiles.

The engagement toolbar remains docked at the bottom of your site, empowering your visitors to connect directly with your employees. When your employees are connected to the Internet, your visitors can initiate a live discussion with your team. You can customize the text and color to match your site. Once a customer clicks “click to connect” a pop-up appears displaying pictures of which team members are online with a link to send them a message and view their profiles; otherwise known as the workface directory.

The workface directory displays a listing of employees you want visitors to see. The directory can be organized by category, such as job title, or service department. It also offers a brief overview of each employee and their status; known as the employee profile.

The employee profile is a media-rich profile for each of your employees including: bio, videos, files (projects they have worked on, sales brochures, etc.), contact information, and any other relevant content to humanize your employees to visitors. This is how visitors “get to know” your employees and select the right person for their needs. When your employees are connected to the Internet, their workface profile shows their status as, “online! chat now” and makes it quick and easy for visitor to initiate contact which helps your business turns clicks into opportunities. It also offers you individual and company performance statistics, Facebook integration, file storage, chat history archives, technical support, and real-time visitor intelligence.

One line of code – that’s it

You can get started with Workface in three steps: sign up for a Workface account, install a single line of code on your website because this is what will show visitors when employees are online and ready to chat, and install the Workface app. This app will alert you to new chat conversations and allow you to track performance of visitor-to-lead conversions.

Workface is $25 per user, per month with an unlimited amount of users on a single account.

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