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YouEye analyzes videos of real people using any website

For businesses of all size, the importance of a quality website is at an all-time high, and because each designer, programmer, marketer and business owner has their own idea of what works best, user testing at YouEye’s low rates can validate what consumers say works.

Getting useful feedback on your website

Are you in love with your website but seem to be the only one? Are you testing different versions of new website features or investing in an entirely new website? Are you in disagreement with your designer over how consumers will react to your site? Maybe you are just unsure of why your site is not converting.

Enter which offers user experience testing that is much more affordable than commissioning focus groups and expert analysis (which are both valid and useful, but not usually within reach of a small business). YouEye allows you to create a user test in seconds or choose from a library of existing tests, recruit verified testers, or hire specific demographics to view your site.

Validating your site, using the free trial

You can then watch videos of people completing the test of tasks you’ve asked them to, and can see their screen, hear what they have to say, and gain insights into their likes, dislikes, and points of confusion. You can even invite people directly to take the test by sharing a link with your existing audience.

The turnaround time is extremely fast, so you can validate new features, design elements, marketing copy or even your competitors – you aren’t limited to getting feedback on just your site.

Because the service has a free trial with a real live person viewing your site, it is worth a shot to at least take a quick pulse on consumer reaction to your site. Even if you have already done user testing, trends change every quarter, as do consumers expectations, and these expectations can be higher or lower depending on your industry.

Video demonstration

The future: scientific emotional tracking

Pricing has been reduced, and there are two options – free, which includes one video test, or $19 to hire a tester, then three free videos per month. The second option is “Pro” which has been reduced from $99 per month to $49 per month and includes 25 videos per month and costs only $9 to hire a video tester. Doing a user group in person with feedback can cost thousands, so for small businesses that just want to keep their site performing well based on consumer feedback, this is an extremely inexpensive way to do just that.

YouEye has announced they will soon be rolling out emotion tracking through webcams so feedback is more scientific and less subjective, a major innovation in user experience testing. Users can request early access through their website.



  1. Ryan Z

    April 25, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    YouEye seems like a pretty cool idea. I could see this being very useful when a website undergoes a re-design to gain some valuable feedback in a short amount of time.

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