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Windows that are actually solar panels make perfect sense

Windows as solar panels

It’s no longer a Utopian dream to have net zero buildings and homes, as technology has rapidly advanced and is becoming much more affordable as demand increases.

Over the last year, Pythagoras Energy has signed deals with manufacturers including Arkema, China Sunergy and Flextronics in order to get the new technology to market as quickly as possible.

The problem with many green products is that they are ugly and typically only die hard environmentalists are willing to make their homes or buildings aesthetically unpleasing, but Phythagoras Sola claims their new material helps bridge that gap as they provide a more visibly appealing product. The product insulates, shades and captures solar energy.

There is no word yet on when these will be fully available to the public, but we point to it as a trend toward a more beautiful net zero energy home or building that helps avoid the giant solar panels on roofs that blind passerbys or expensive technologies that are unreliable.

Another demonstration

The above video was taken at a conference and was unscripted. Below is their commercial to give you more insight on the technology:

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