HiringSolved offers a better way to find job candidates

July 10, 2014


HiringSolved works for any size company

With so many places to look for employment, it is difficult to know where to start. From the big companies to the smaller niches, scouring the Internet can take a while. Monster, LinkedIn, and surprisingly, Craigslist, are all favorite places to begin searching for a job, but where do you start if you are looking to recruit?

Monster and LinkedIn are good options, but are so large it can take a while to sift through the candidates to find someone who is a good fit for both your business philosophy and the available position. HiringSolved helps you solve this problem.

With HiringSolved, you can instantly search over 120 million candidates, but they will also search and filter candidates for you, so you can find who you need, when you need them. HiringSolved works by aggregating information about an individual through their social footprint and developing a profile about the potential candidate from this information.

Aggregation information comes from their web crawler and a proprietary algorithm which gauges data use, social interactions, and other data to compile a robust profile. They can also predict how a user will interact in the future.

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Cutting through the noise

They constantly monitor social networks, blogs and forums, finding candidates every day that are relevant to your needs. Every search will automatically display related word, for example if you search for an Ubuntu expert, you will also see the keywords: Red Hat, Debian, and Yellow Dog appear because they are all types of Linux, like Ubuntu.

This makes it easier to find who you need without searching through every profile. If you find several candidates who you think would be ideal for the position, you can drag-and-drop their resumes into your talent pool and instantly search through up to 1500 resumes at a time. And from these 1500 you can use “similar search” and HiringSolved will find additional resumes similar to one you feel is a good fit, saving you the time of searching through each candidate and reading each resume.

Whether you use it as a recruiting tool, or just to see what is available in the job market, HiringSolved is an effective alternative to big companies like LinkedIn and Monster because HiringSolved simplifies the search process by narrowing down the candidate scope for you.

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