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6 ways to improve your video’s chances of going viral, using sound!

Short-form content has been popping off with social media sites copying TikTok’s fame. Here’s a breakdown of how sound can help you go viral.

Two teens looking at viral videos with sound and audio.

The phenomenon of going viral has swept the world since about 2009, when the term first became popular. You may remember the video “David After Dentist”, which totals over 140 million views. Over the past decade, a lot has changed in social media communities, thus switching up the criteria that it takes to become viral. Whereas videos that used to spread like wildfire were often cute or funny, now you can go viral for just about anything, including sound. 

A lot of different sounds, songs, and audio clips have helped social media users become viral. Sometimes it’s been as easy as hopping on a trend and putting your own spin on it. 

This year, there’s been audio trends swarming around platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Why audio has captured the attention of millions is debated, but considering the majority of people watching this type of content are Gen Z, maybe it’s just plain relatable. 

Sounds that are generally used on Tiktok are comedic in nature and allow opportunities for users to engage. Hoping on a trend using sound clips, songs, or catchphrases allows a moment of laughter and joy for most. 

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Regardless of the reason why audio has boomed, it’s obvious that it’s a trend that will stick around for awhile…because it works. 

What are some sounds that currently make for good content? Let’s explore. 

Well-paced sound is generally noted for having a great tempo and optimal pacing, making it a joy to edit. This type of sound is also usually easy on the ears and eyes, often paired with images to match the music. 

Trending sound is what you’ll see when jumping on the mainstream bandwagon. New dance challenges, creator trends, or photo collages are a great way to boost your content quickly. 

Intentional sound is generally one that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. It’s typically original content and either a soundbite or a song. When using original audio, it also gives other users a way to repurpose the sound, which can create traction that leads back to the original post. 

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Sticky sound is usually what the masses are currently being pleased by. Sticky sounds can either be comedic in nature, which we learned earlier is favored by the masses. This type of sound can also include catchphrases or lyrics relevant to a certain topic or issue. This is called “sticky sound” because chances are high that using this type of content will make yours “stick.” 

Nostalgic sound is kind of self-explanatory. This one evokes feelings of nostalgia. Getting people in their feelings is another way to climb to the top because human beings are emotional by nature. This is a powerful tool to use to ignite deep feelings among viewers. 

Celebrity sound is last up and involves a celebrity creating the trend. Social media loves celebrities for a number of reasons, and will often pay close attention if a celebrity has hopped on one. Views are typically higher, and so are the chances of the content being recreated and noticed.

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Macie LaCau is a passionate writer, herbal educator, and dog enthusiast. She spends most of her time overthinking and watering her tiny tomatoes.

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