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Americans video marketing to Chinese customers, expanding business

video marketing to Chinese

While all roads lead to China, it’s important to know which roads may best attract potential customers, for example, video marketing to Chinese customers.

video marketing to Chinese

Reaching new markets through video marketing to Chinese

Many marketers will tell you that you have to have a clear, crisp social media presence to be considered a player in today’s economy. But what about those who strive to break into global markets? The same thing goes!  

It’s not only important to market yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the like, but now videos, and more importantly, channels are crucial to informing and hooking customers. In the U.S., it’s quite easy to navigate to and use YouTube, but this site is blocked in China.  

So what’s a newbie international businessperson to do?  Leverage what works in other countries, for starters.

Top 10 Chinese video websites

China has many video & movie websites.  The top 10 are:


Take a look at them in depth at the site.

Where to focus your efforts

Last March, Youku bought Tudou, making it the largest video portal in China. While analysts are skeptical that the buyout will produce a truly profitable company, for now, Youku has the size and the name recognition that matters. To be successful in your independent marketing efforts domestically and internationally, you should be prepared to create a Youku profile and start uploading some videos.  

Having said that, I’m sure many of you are wondering if they have to be in Chinese. I’ll answer with a resounding “No!” Many Chinese companies advertise in English, not to mention the countless US videos (from ads to episodes of X factor). So, go forth-be an US company on the cutting edge of the most popular Chinese video websites.

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