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Back in full swig: holiday hangover for marketers

mls errors

MLS listing remarks can be a source of infinite entertainment, with plenty of mistakes to go around. Let’s look at some real life examples, shall we?

mls errors

Marketers and their bloopers make for hilarious gaffes

Hi friends, and Happy New Year. This year of bloopers is already in full-swing.  Check out these gaffes that indicate that some people didn’t learn how to proof-read in 2013. However, the culprits are certainly are providing some laughs for 2014. Please enjoy!

“New ear speacial!  (Proudly offered by Vincent Van Gogh at Asymmetrical Realty, Inc.)

“We are now back in full swig” (I think that’s apparent, pal.)

“Pot-holiday reduction” (This property is obviously in mile-high Colorado.)

“Drop by for launch” (Methinks you’re as high as the Colorado Realtor.)

“A step above all otters” (That’s good to know…if I’m buying houseboat.)

“8 foot deep in-ground polo” (That’s interesting…polo for dead guys.)

“Beautiful heimlock trees”  (Good to know if I’m gagging in a restaurant…in a forest.)

“We finance close to casinos” (Location, location,l ocation!)

“Regressive pricing” (Oh good – there’s a roll-back on houses at K-Mart!)

“Beautiful roe garden” (I love caviar…but how do you keep the cats at bay?)

“Bach on market” (Thanks, I’ll alert all my clients who want to purchase a dead composer.)

“For tose with taste” (This guy must be into toe jam…)

“Up and commie neighborhood” (Let me guess – the homes are all red?)

“New hip digs” (Reason enough to recall those titanium hip replacements.)

“A rare fiend” (Not so rare here in Holly-weird, my friend.)

“Get of to a goood start” (Uh, at this rate, I’m afraid your year is going to suck.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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