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Clipping Magic easily removes backgrounds from images

clipping magic

Clipping Magic is offering a Photoshop-like result, without having to learn a thing about Photoshopping.

clipping magic

Clipping Magic is magical. Really. It is.

If you have ever wanted to remove a background from an image, this tool will be a heavenly gift. Now, you can quickly cut out what you do not want, save what you do and move on to more important tasks.

Have an image with a background you hate, but you would love to use for promotional materials? Simply drag and drop the photo on to the Clipping Magic site follow the instructions, and you can remove the background in just a few clicks. Once you have successfully removed the background, you can save, download, or share the new background-free image via a private link.

This is an easy-to-use tool for achieving something that used to be quite difficult and required an extensive knowledge of Photoshop. It is not perfect for every image, however. If the image is fuzzy or does not have a good contrast between the background and foreground, it may be a bit difficult to perfectly remove the background. The website states, “we’re working on handling hair, blurry boundaries, and other complicated cases better,” so I am anxious to see what the site will look like when it is out of alpha testing.

Minding the details

It should be noted, that you can change the size of the cursor you are using. This seems to be the most popular complaint about using the site and I have to admit it took me a few minutes to figure out where and how to change the cursor, but you can do it. This is crucial if you have a photo with smaller details that you need to cut around. When you go to the site, after you have loaded an image, there is a tool bar at the top.

There is your red minus sign for the back ground (or whatever you wish to remove), the green plus sign (for whatever you wish to keep), a blue eraser to change mistakes, and then you’ll see a drop-down box that says (default) “30px.” If you click on that box you will be able to change the size of the cursor tool. Also, you can change the type of background, zoom in and out, and rotate the image. All of this is done from the toolbar.

Even with these few exceptions, for most users, this is an invaluable tool for changing backgrounds. For example, you can use this to change your Facebook cover image. You can take your logo, alter the background, add a new one, say to coincide with a new product release, seasonal change, or just for fun and with just a few clicks you will have a brand new image. Also, you can use this for profile pictures. Sometimes we have a really great photo, with a not so great background.

This tool can remove the unprofessional background, allow you to change it to a more professional one, without the time and cost of having a new photo taken. This could also be an invaluable too for marketing. If you have images you want to use with flyers, postcards, business cards and the like, but you want to change it up now and again, this is the perfect tool to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Clipping Magic is absolutely free while in alpha testing, but you can sign up for alerts and freebies at the bottom of the page.

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