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DandyLoop: mutual product recommendation tool

March 30, 2014


Get paying customers from other sites

DandyLoop has launched in beta to help online stores to improve sales creatively, by creating a network of online shops that recommend each other’s non-competing products which appear on each others’ sites automatically after setup.

DandyLoop seeks to increase exposure, sales, and revenues by sharing visitors with one another, saying “one shop’s non-buying visitor is another’s most valued shopper.”

The app says it targets non-buying visitors and exchanges them with relevant customers from other shops in the network. Sites get full control over recommended products, and DandyLoop says they offer transparent reports

The tool is currently in free beta, but there is no public word as to how long the free beta will last or what the pricing model will ultimately be.

Video explanation of DandyLoop:

Challenges with the product

DandyLoop looks tremendously promising, but there are a handful of challenges this young company will contend with. First, it is unclear how they determine which customers are non-paying (although it is a promise made on their site). Right now it just looks like it’s automatically included in search results on other companies’ sites, which could technically lead people immediately away from a site, and the claim that only non-competitive products are sold seems somewhat objective.

Second, the widget appears to be consistent across sites, which means it doesn’t seem to be customizable (see their two demo sites: fashion and mobile apps). Perhaps they will offer a white label or Pro product in the future, but currently, it is a simple design that does offer what they promise, but the aesthetic is somewhat outdated.

Regardless of the challenges, the tool has great promise and could be helpful to online shops, especially newer brands that need the leg up.

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