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“Nicest house aground” and other off-course ad copy

mls errors

(Business Marketing) When creating your company’s marketing, be it an email or a campaign, errors happen and every now and then, we’re there to showcase them for amusement.

mls errors

Welcome to this week’s edition of “How to make yourself look stupid in public.” These advertising and MLS bloopers will keep you laughing, but I am not sure how well any of this ad copy will help sell the properties being marketed. After you finish laughing, you can decide:

Well, of course!

“New bullit house” (Just another day in Bonnie and Clyde’s ‘hood…)

“Please request paperwok” (Not unless a fire extinguisher comes with it…)

“Nicest house aground” (Advertisement in The Shipwreck Times.)

“High Def TB included” (Well that explains the X-Ray machine in the driveway.)

“Free-sanding house” (I think Habitat for Humanity already came up with that idea.)

Well off-course

“Drawing for new Druid” (Good, because my sorcerer is getting very old.)

“War family gathering spot” (Sign above bar in John Gotti’s basement.)

“Leak phone message” (Questionable advice attributed to Edward Snowden’s ex-psychic.)

“Really raid house” (Slogan on William the  Conqueror’s tee shirt.)

 No Recourse

“Threats for kiddies” (Where is this house – Whoville???)

“Fridge now porking” (Well I guess that’s how the mini fridge in the den got here.)

“As easy as A-B” (Reason # 1 not to sniff paste while typing.)

“Put your prophet to work for you” (I did. He predicted that my readers should send me money.)

And just plain coarse

“Our lender has constrictions” (Has he considered buying bigger briefs?)

“Now some wringle room” (I’m glad your lender took my advice…)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: Spell well and sell!

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