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“House sits on ben” and other marketing mistakes

marketing mistakes

Marketing mistakes happen, but in real estate listings, they seem to be relatively common, so why not have a laugh about it?

marketing mistakes

Having fun with marketing mistakes

Ah, the fun continues. It’s time for the blooper reel, friends, and as usual, there is no dearth of material. Thanks to Jane Peters of Los Angeles, Bruce Walter of West Lafayette, Indiana, and Michael Jacobs of Pasadena, CA. for some great submissions this week. Bruce even supplied the final quip. My posse never does me wrong. Please enjoy:

 For the Kiddies

“Playroom inc bouncy cattle” (Milkshakes anyone?)

“Viyl flooring” (Not as vile as your spelling)

“House sits on ben” (Hence Ben’s smashed shoes protruding from the crawl space vent.)

“New grazed tile” (How did you get the goats into the tub?)

For the Birds

“Experiencd Shot sale expert” (Is that the plaque they mounted on your bar stool?)

“Bar for horss” (That explains the drunk, hairy guy with the saddle on his back.)

“Fast access to sirpot” (That’s really important after a six-pack, right bubba?)

“Very little nose” (Even smaller frontal lobe…)

“Beware of sped numbs” (Never type while driving, sport.)

For the Adults

“Exploding views” (Welcome sign at the Meteorite Cafe in Chelyabinsk, Russia.)

“Gas brick window” (When your gas is so bad you’re laying bricks, you need to OPEN a window!)

“Auto sensors in kitchen” (In case you overlook the Prius blocking the stove…)

“Don’t expsct pefection” (That ship has sailed, darlin.’)

Two For the Road

“Suspended rod iron” (My money says it will be limp again in sixty seconds, stud.)

“Emasculation view of the mountains” (That’s what happens when you get your rocks cut off.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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