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Improve your site and regain your competitive edge: infographic

How to Improve Your Site and Regain Your Competitive Edge

After learning the mechanics behind Realtors’ losing their power in the search engines, we move on to ways independent agents can regain their competitive edge.


Improve your site and regain your competitive edge

After explaining why independent real estate professionals rarely rank highly in search engines, further illustrating how most Realtors actually help real estate giants Zillow and Trulia to outrank them, RealGeeks is setting out to show those professionals how to rectify the situation.

RealGeeks looks not only at updates to Google’s algorithm, but to changes any real estate website owner can make from minor changes like correcting spelling and grammar errors, to major updates like improving a site’s structure.

False assumptions

Looking at ways to improve an individual agent’s website is looking at how to improve leads to an agent’s business, as many have seen the number of leads on their website deteriorate in recent years, with some simply making poor assumptions about the matter, ranging from the assumption that there are more agents online, so the buyer pool is tighter, or that others’ sites are just better. While these may be true, many aren’t aware that their own site is holding them back.

Infographic with quick tips

In a quick crash course, RealGeeks offers improvement tips to independent real estate professionals in their graphic entitled “How to Improve your site and regain your competitive edge”:
How to Improve Your Site and Regain Your Competitive Edge

Updating individuals’ understanding of the web

What is most intriguing is that many real estate professionals are unaware of updates to Google and are practicing what they were told in years past, particularly prior to 2010 when Google introduced major algorithm updates.

RealGeeks has an interest in interjecting into the real estate website and listing syndication battle, as they sell real estate IDX websites, but of the three infographics they’ve recently released, this third has the least to do with battling the big box real estate search companies, and more to do with how real estate professionals can take action this minute to improve their site, and get back into the game.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brad Jenkins

    January 12, 2013 at 6:50 am

    What Google has done here is essentially say to web creators, stop trying to simply be on the web to rank and start providing value. Google wants the rank of web pages to represent and be an indicator of the quality of the content of the page or site as it relates to the search word. So real estate agetns you have two choices, learn to write good local real estate content for your site or pay someone to do it for you.

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