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Increase Your Persuasive Pulling Power in Your Marketing

Marketing is Persuasive

Honestly, how persuasive is your marketing?

Are you generating and maintaining the puling power necessary to convert suspects who don’t give a damn about you into raving fans?

Marketing is a persuasive process and I’ve outlined the 5 C’s of Persuasive Marketing elsewhere. However, let’s jump into the trenches a bit more and look at some specifics that you can put into play to increase the persuasive power of your marketing…


Folks are looking for information the will benefit them. That’s it. It’s the reason for link-bait – people want things that will enhance and entertain.

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  • create blog posts that educate and inform
  • in your social networks, point to relevant content (even that which isn’t yours /gasp!). hearing about how your cat is soooo cute gets old
  • home tours on youtube are fine but if that’s all you’re doing with them then you’re missing out on the power of video. teach something, inform your market


Personality attracts like-minded and interested fans. It’s also the one thing that no other Realtor can steal and copy.

  • yes, you’re an expert but you’re also human. show the human side more so people can relate.
  • mention personal things and give insight into who you are. I often mention my love of comic books and my uncanny ability to not be able to draw.
  • definitely speak out against things that you won’t stand for. This shows that you will protect your clients against pitfalls.


It’s totally natural for folks to have doubts and be uncertain. In order for your marketing to battle these you need to provide proof that you can back up your claims.

  • highlight testimonials that support your ability to deliver the benefits you promise
  • use case studies to tell a story about how a client overcame an obstacle and achieved a story book ending (awww how sweet)
  • don’t see this too much but you should… photos of clients in front of their new home or holding a SOLD sign do wonders for grounding your claims and adding credibility to them

Clearly, these are simple but highly effective ways to attract folks into your community of prospects, clients and evangelists.

You’re probably using some of them but adding others isn’t a difficult task. What will you be adding?

Article originally published October 03, 2008

Written By

Mark Eckenrode is a Certified Master of Guerrilla Marketing raised on comic books, punk rock, and Pepsi. He's also the chief marketing trainer at HomeStomper where AgentGenius readers can learn unconventional methods for winning with social media.



  1. Jim Whitlock

    November 7, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    Mark –

    Thanks for the good advice. I am a firm believer in the benefits of showing your personal, human side. All of my clients have become good personal friends … especially the ones whose deals were a real battle.

  2. Augusta Real Estate

    November 9, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Great tips! There are couple listed here I need to add to my marketing strategy

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