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Localz delivers personalized advertising based on who’s in-store


(Marketing News) Do you know what micro-location BLE technologies are? Better pay attention – they’re on the way to a business near you, perhaps your own.


Localz narrows the gap between online, offline interaction

The gap between online and offline interaction is closing with the use of micro-location services. Think of it as uber-defined geo-fencing.

Traditional smartphone location services are accurate to thirty meters; micro-location services provide accuracy in distances less than one meter. One of the most popular services is Apple’s take on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): iBeacon.

Thanks to protocol hackers, the standard is now supported on select Android devices. Although iBeacon works on top of and has all the capabilities of BLE, the standard provides additional features that make it more attractive for use in proximity sensitive smartphone apps, such as Localz.


Guided promotions, personalized offers, and more

Localz platform promises in-store guided promotions so you know when customers are entering a store to reward and influence them prior to making a purchase. The platform creates a sense of urgency by providing time, quantity, and location sensitive offers. You can then personalize these offers base on shopper preferences, movements, and time of entry. You can also encourage participation through social media channels. This is one of the wow factors of BLE micro-location: guiding customers to specific products, places, or people with the tracking service.

The Localz platform can drive interactive, personalized, real-time advertising based one who is in the store. Granted, your customers will have to download and install the app, but once they see it in action, the novelty alone may drive them to download it. Most of all, this means that brick and mortar businesses stand a chance against their online competitors. With BLE technology driving customers to the stores to receive promotions, incentives, and personalized rewards, people will be more likely to visit an actual store before making a purchase online, simply because of the discount.

But on the flip side…

However, as with any technology, there is a bit of a down-side. The dual nature of the iBeacon is, you can receive content from the beacons, but you can be the beacon as well. It is possible that between businesses and municipalities constructing networks of low-cost BLE beacons, and all of us acting as default mobile beacons, the addressable micro-location network could become vast, powerful, and incredibly valuable.

Perhaps this is where future advertising endeavors will be made: micro-location BLE technology.

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