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The next generation of local networking: integrated geofencing

javu geofencing

(Tech News) Geofencing is not a new concept, but a new startup has popped up with the hopes that it can become the next big thing in networking, a huge win for businesses.

javu geofencing

Javu brings geofencing to the masses

JáVu is a new local networking platform with geofencing at its core. It is a bit like Instagram meets Facebook newsfeed: you create a post, with or without an image and when you do; you also create a geofence within an area and radius you specify. When any of your followers enter this specified area, whether it is a few days or a few years later, the text or photo you posted will automatically be pushed to their phone.

They can then comment or like your image/text. When you create a post, you will have the option to choose a location or business. If you choose a business, your posts will automatically be grouped with all other posts created at that business. This list is populated by Google, so finding a place is easy.

It works like this: say you are driving around a new town, whether on vacation, or for a business conference and you are looking for a restaurant. If you are using JáVu, when you are close to a restaurant you will be able to see all the posts made about it, including reviews, photos, food, and so on. This gives you a Facebook-like newsfeed about a single location.

The tagging feature is also similar to Facebook. You have the ability to subscribe to tags, allowing you to receive push notifications from posts even if you are not following the user who posted it. For example, if someone posts food pictures from the aforementioned restaurant, you can follow the posts, even though you are not following the user who posted it; akin to “liking” something on Facebook.

What’s popular, events, and more

You can also view “what is popular,” allowing you to see what is trending for the month, week, or overall. JáVu is also connected to Twitter and Instagram, so you can see who is posting what over multiple social channels. Additionally, the “events” page, shows you all the recent events in the area, along with all the Instagram and Twitter posts that were created during the event. This could be useful at conferencing and networking events because you will be able to see, at-a-glance, which posts were made, as well as, which posts were most popular; giving you useful feedback for future events.

Currently JáVu is only available for iOS and available in the App Store, free.

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