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Lure email subscribers to stay with this strategy

Email subscribers are where the gold lies for most brands, so holding on to them is an important challenge. This strategy can go a long way toward keeping their eyes glued.

email subscribers

Email subscribers are golden these days

In today’s technological climate, e-mail marketing matters. E-mail is inexpensive, flexible, and able to reach customers on any device including mobile device. People may ignore billboards and fast forward through or tune out commercial breaks, but they will always pay attention to their inbox. Ensuring email subscribers don’t opt out of a mailing list should be a chief concern for any marketing team.

Although Silverpop, an IBM company, found that the worst unsubscribe rates were only about 0.6 percent, they also found that was four times the median rate and a whopping twenty times the best performers. For a large mailing list that sends out several messages a week that can add up to thousands of subscribers annually.

Any marketer knows lead acquisition is much harder than retention, so you should do everything in your power to convince subscribers not to opt out. I should caution here that preventing subscribers from opting out or otherwise making the process difficult does not count as convincing. Metaphorically speaking, your best practice isn’t to block the door. You should be holding it open, but also reminding them that there is more in store if they stick around.

How to keep email subscribers around

You may accomplish this by offering a sneak peek of pending content or products, like Code School does with future courses, or you could offer a discount or coupon:


Remember: people are very rarely one hundred percent certain about a decision

Your users made the choice to subscribe at one point because they believed your services or content would prove to be valuable to them; remind users of the value that brought them onto your mailing list in the first place and you stand a much better chance of keeping them.

This strategy is contingent on actually having quality content as well, which will also help prevent subscribers from ever feeling the need to opt out. Don’t be the boyfriend who does too little, too late: be sure to deliver as promised throughout the whole lifecycle of your subscriber relationship.

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Staff Writer, Matt Huffer, turned down a glamorous life in physics to write stories, but he maintains a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. He can be found in Oklahoma City, on your couch, or generally anywhere comfy with a bit of shade.

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