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“Much achage” – painful but hilarious marketing errors

marketing errors

Advertising is hard work, especially for people without a spell checker or common sense. Below is proof, but be warned – you will laugh.

marketing errors

Only a week has passed since the last Blooper Reel, and I have enough submissions to write a book. Some of these made me laugh aloud, but of course, I do drink a lot… Check out these humorous gaffes, folks:

This is a Gas

“Gassy yard with trails” (When you’re leaving trails, that’s more than a gas problem, my friend.)

“Check our Titter page” (For those who wish to know why the chicken crossed the road.)

“Shed with tool” (May I assume you are the tool?)

“Bubble gaass” (Yeesh – that sounds like a case of too much cabbage in your diet.)

This is a Pass

“This artectectural hose is mind-blowing” (It certainly seems to have had that affect on you, pal.)

“Many froot tree” (…And too many fruit loops.)

“Much achage” (I recommend Tylenol with a Jim Beam Chaser.)

“Contractor is A-pus” (So was my last boyfriend, which is why he was jettisoned.)

This is a Blast

“Climbing ivy” (Let me guess: What you were doing on your date Saturday night?)

“Glass tails throughout” (Overheard at Fox Studios: “Well you see, Morry, Edward Scissorhands  meets Dr. Doolittle, and after too many tequila shooters…”)

“Excavate to the beach” (Well that explains the backhoe in your parking space.)

“See air” (This is L.A. That is called smog. Now put down your bong.)

“Perfect for culinary aerialists” (Just what we need – a chef wok-ing on a wire!)

This Left Me Aghast

“Sorry but no one can see it yet.” (That’s was my high school mantra, and look where that got me!)

“We are not expecting.” (With that kind of premature ending, I am not surprised.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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