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One page wonders, how a one page site can help business boom

(MARKETING) Survey says that one page websites can do wonders for your business. Will you give it a try?

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Site overhaul

What would you say if, starting tomorrow, you were forced to condense your website down to a single page, with a single focus. Sounds kind of crazy, right?

Your business is multi-faceted and consumers want choices, how could you possibly narrow your focus like that? It might be easier (and more beneficial) than you think.

Survey says

Snaplitics, a provider of one-page web design, released a white paper article on the benefits of this design philosophy.

It’s something any webmaster should read.

This philosophy addresses many core tenants of the modern ideal of website experience.

In the whitepaper, Snaplitics breaks down the value of a one-page website into three categories: it clearly communicates a message, it creates value, and it stays ahead of technology.

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Concise communication

Because a one-page design is simpler and streamlined, this type of site design can be a better way to communicate a singular message to your target audience.

With that singular focus, site designers can create a more immersive, focused experience with their message, through storytelling and multimedia brilliance.

According to the study, when consumers interact with that kind of experience, they are more likely to engage emotionally, and they are more likely to engage the part of their brain involved with making decisions.
This leads to better engagement and an increase in actionable behavior.

Keep your readers

That kind of behavior produces powerful value from the website. According to Snaplitics, this one-page web design increases conversion rates and reduces bounce rates.

Keeping readers engaged and converting on the first visits is important.

The white paper quotes a report from Straight North as saying, “84 percent of website conversions occur on the first visits,” while only 11 percent of conversions occur on the second visit.

Additionally, a one-page website can run faster, which can also help improve conversions.

Snaplitics quotes a different report from Strangeloop Networks as saying “a 1-second delay in page load time results in a 7% loss in conversions. In dollar terms, this means that if your site typically earns $100,000 a day, this year you could lose $2.5 million in sales.”

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Good on all platforms

Finally, a streamlined, one-page web design provides greater flexibility across devices. We all know consumers increasingly prefer to navigate the web through their smartphones and tablets. Websites with clunky sidebars and navigation menus don’t effectively translate to those smaller devices.

A one-page website encourages scrolling and other interactive features that a mobile consumer expects to see.

With less templates to fix, it’s easier to implement new innovations or changes in responses to technological developments or consumer preferences.

Give it a shot

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you? There are plenty of one-page web design galleries (like this one) to get your creative juices flowing.


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Born in Boston and raised in California, Connor arrived in Texas for college and was (lovingly) ensnared by southern hospitality and copious helpings of queso. As an SEO professional, he lives and breathes online marketing and its impact on businesses. His loves include disc-related sports, a pint of a top-notch craft beer, historical non-fiction novels, and Austin's live music scene.



  1. Rob

    June 23, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    One Page Love is always a good resource, over 6000 references to Single Page websites.

  2. Mykola Bashlakov

    June 23, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Please find the White Paper discussed in the post at this link:

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