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SurveyCount wants to help you survey your customers better by asking less sucky questions

Now in Beta (and free!), SurveyCount targets what you want to find out from your customers, then helps you ask the right questions (that don’t super suck).

survey count

survey count

New product simplifies customer surveys

Have you ever distributed a customer survey, only to find that the responses you received don’t really touch on what you wanted to learn?

A new survey creation product called SurveyCount wants to help businesses gather valuable customer feedback with simple, but helpful, surveys that focus on the business’ key elements and obtain more useful customer feedback.

SurveyCount, which is currently in beta, features a clean, easy-to-use interface. The editing icons for adding survey questions and using advanced features are intuitive, and the editing pane adds your survey questions and page breaks in a list format, so you can see your entire survey on one screen. This layout makes it easy to scan your entire survey and hard to accidentally repeat questions.

The product has all basic questions types, including: multi-choice, Yes or No, dropdowns, text responses, point scales, and grid questions.

It also has advanced features like “SkipLogic” which allows you to bypass certain questions based on a customer’s responses.

Participants’ responses are organized by question, and data are arranged in graphs or lists for easy analysis.

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If you sign up for free beta access, you can make and send surveys immediately.

Pricing for the final product has yet to be finalized, but all beta users will receive all features free for one year.

How to ask less sucky questions

SurveyCount’s blog has some general tips for creating customer surveys:

  1. Limit your questions to 6 to 15 categories
  2. Ask key questions about elements that influence the overall result, with follow-up questions that hone in on specific aspects of key elements
  3. Collect deeper insights by including suggestion or comment boxes in addition to fixed questions. SurveyCount recommends asking one survey question per page and including a comment box on each page, rather than having only one comment box at the end of the survey. They say results show that you will receive write-in responses on to 20% to 25% of the questions arranged this way, and they will be more specific.

How does it compare to other survey creation products?

Unlike SurveyMonkey, which has templates for an array of survey types, from healthcare surveys to employee satisfaction surveys, SurveyCount is marketed solely for customer surveys. Compared to the free Google Forms creator, SurveyCount has many of the same features, but with a more handsome design that has been optimized for both mobile and desktop use.

A great tool, but not the only tool

Overall, SurveyCount is a nice looking, easy-to-use means of gathering customer feedback, but it will not provide everything you need for more advanced market research, so use it as part of your overall marketing toolbox for a boost, but continue to add tools to that box!


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1 Comment

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