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Swiftly: $15 design fixes delivered the same day

Swiftly puts graphic designers at your disposal – what could take you days to either figure out on your own or hire someone at a high price point to do can be delivered on the cheap, same day.



Swiftly gets your design fixes done right away on the cheap

We’ve all been in that situation where we just need a photo retouched, or we don’t have the tools to convert a specific file, or we just need something vectorized. Unless you’re a graphic designer, there’s been a situation where you knew you’d spend all day on the solution, or you could hand it to someone who knows what they’re doing, and it would take them seconds or minutes to fix something simple for you – but budding out something so small isn’t usually worth the time to even find a designer, and most shouldn’t be bothered with something so minute anyhow.

Enter Swiftly, by 99designs, which offers these simple design fixes for $15, delivered the same day. As pictured above, the process is ridiculously easy. Say what you want, upload the file, pay, and quickly, you have a repaired file to download. Genius.

What all can you request?

Swiftly offers various examples of quick fixes you can order through the site:

  • Logo alterations
  • Business card changes
  • Photo resizing and cropping
  • Artwork vectorization
  • Photo retouching
  • Powerpoint fixes
  • Banner ad changes
  • Icon resizing and tweaks
  • Copy edits
  • Marketing template changes
  • File conversion

It would also be useful for making your social media profile pictures suck less, fix flyers or presentations, and get some custom touches on your cover photos on your Facebook page, and so forth.

But will it suck?

The work is reviewed before you accept it and get a file to download, and for any designer, these are all tasks they can do in their sleep for some extra cash. In an economy where people continue to be unemployed and underemployed, graphic designers are no exception, and you’ll likely find a fascinating mix of designers offering help, from seasoned talent looking for extra cash to young designers looking to cut their teeth on the easy stuff.

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Either way, what may waste hours of your day can take minutes for someone else, and at this cheap price point, you don’t even have to go designer shopping, they’re standing by.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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