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VidSpoke: $20 customized YouTube videos for your brand


(Business Marketing) Create personalized YouTube videos by selecting a VidSpoke spokesperson to record your own customized content.


VidSpoke is inexpensive, could be effective

YouTube videos are an effective way to promote your products, services, or events. Over 100 million people watch an online video every day. Some are looking for the latest viral video, but the greater majority is looking for advice on how to do something, make something work better, or find a new service or product.

Recording your own professional quality video can be time consuming and costly, but it is an effective way to get exposure for your business. A new service, Vidspoke is offering an answer for businesses that want to create videos, but do not have the resources or inclination to record them on their own.

Vidspoke offers a selection of spokespeople who will customize a promotional video, skit, testimonial, or whatever else you choose to produce for a flat $20 fee. For the $20 fee, you will receive a promotional video with 100 words, personalized to your liking. They do offer additional services such as using a Green screen, customizing the clothing your spokesperson is wearing, customizing the logo which appears in the background, and a variety of other option. All of these options can be added on when you order, however the fee for these options is not stated.

Current limitations may be addressed in the future

Currently, they only display Caucasian females as their spokepeople, but since they are not yet fully launched, perhaps there will be a wider selection of talent and options when they launch completely. I think it would also be beneficial to see an example video of each talent’s voice and presentation skills before purchasing a video to ensure that their approach would mesh well with your business. But again, this may be something they address when they have fully launched.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs recruiting a voice actor, videographer, and writing out a skit may not be feasible. The time and money involved often makes the process impossible, or forces you to settle for less than stellar talent. Vidspoke is offering an effective alternative. Also, using Vidspoke for short promotional pieces featuring a new product, service, event, or meeting could be beneficial for drawing attention while remaining within a more reasonable budget.



  1. Tinu

    June 24, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Thanks for pointing out the cultural limitations. You often want your representatives to reflect you, your company’ community or the population.

    Still, $20 is a great deal!

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