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Visage customizes your visual data: tool for non-designers


(Business Marketing) From the creators of comes Visage, a visual data tool for the non-designers so anyone can have consistent branded presentations, blog graphics, and more.



Customize your visual data without being a designer

Creating marketing materials almost always mean creating some type of visual media; be it a chart, graph, or infographic, commissioning data can be time-consuming and expensive if you need to outsource it. There are several tools on the market that can assist you and your team in the creation of data visualizations, but the newly launched platform, Visage, offers more.

Visage offers custom templates for graphics which are designed to be more flexible and personal. They also offer non-designers a way to achieve a professional look, by allowing you to create a cohesive color scheme that stays in sync with your brand. With Visage, you can customize your templates to your brand’s exact color palette, all for free.

Visage co-founder Jake Burkett, who also states, “what’s sufficient for most people are fonts and color palettes.” If you do not see what you need in the “canned logos and color palettes,” simply “give them your brand guidelines” and they will create customized color selections for you. If you need more extensive selections, upon request, Visage can make open-source templates, so they can be manipulated by designers and staff on the go, quickly and easily.

Improve your blog, your marketing, your social efforts, and more

By using the Visage platform anyone on your team can create meaningful, relevant graphics that can be inserted in blog posts, social marketing efforts, reports and anywhere else while retaining brand consistency. With Visage there is no vectoring, no layering images, simply log in to the platform and begin. You will start by selecting the type of content you wish to create from a list. Then upload your data where relevant: chart figures, information, time tables, etc., from Excel or a CSV file. You can then resize and move data, as well as, attach your theme. That is it; plug in your data, add your colors, and build your data visualization, quick and easy.

The takeaway: while Visage should not be compared to, or serve as a replacement for professional design services, it does offer non-designers a cohesive, professional-looking way to add visual data to projects and promotional materials.

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