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10 Thanksgiving quotes as pictures to share on your social networks

Thanksgiving is a wonderful American tradition, a time where we reflect on our lives and what we are thankful for. Here are some inspirational quotes as pictures you can share online!


Thanksgiving quotes for all

It’s that time of year, friends, where we all start feeling mushy, and Facebook newsfeeds fill up with moving quotes about the holidays – but are you letting those other people get away with looking deep and kind and holiday-y while you sit on the sidelines stuck simply “liking” their posts? No more – we have created 10 (including the one above) shareable quotes about Thanksgiving.

All you have to do is save the image to your desktop, then upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or your favorite social network, and behold, everyone will admire you for being such a thoughtful, moving, inspirational figure. Right? Right?

Some of these quotes are silly, some are serious, some are from famous politicians you know and love, while others are from obscure writers. The very final quote contains cuss words and we don’t necessarily endorse the sentiment behind it, but come on, it’s humorous (you’ll have to click to see it, just in case you’re sensitive).

Please steal these custom-made quotes:










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