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3 ways any small business can make the hiring process a breeze

The time-consuming practice of hiring often goes unnoticed once behind closed doors, while not in interviews. Here’s how to ease the burden.

Women talking in a room during the hiring process

Hiring, maintaining, and handling the staff of your business is one of the most constant factors.

The process can be enriching as you find employees that work perfectly within your team. But, it can also be stressful to find the right people for the right job.

You may have open positions posted on job boards all over the internet, but shuffling through the multiple applicants can take a lot of time. And, while you might have an idea of the right way to go about hiring, it could be taking much longer than you expect.

So, if you’re finding the process of looking through resumes, interviewing, and onboarding candidates difficult, this guide is here to help you cut down on the anxiety and long hours of finding the right candidate.

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Luckily, this process can be made easier with a few tips to guide the process.

1. Don’t be afraid to let go of outdated processes

Harvard Business Review recommends being willing to adapt to a more modern world. You may be relying on some more traditional or old-fashioned rules about interviews and hiring, but some of these are ineffective and could even be prejudiced.

For example, it’s easy to make snap judgments on someone’s appearance and personality, and while these things do matter, you want to take stock of the person’s work and experience before writing them off.

Also, you may want to avoid the traditional setup for a job interview process. This usually includes asking some routine questions with some awkward small talk. To break the mold, you could take interviewees that meet in person for a tour around the facility and see if they seem curious and engaged.

For interviews over video, try to ask some unexpected questions or give them a chance to show off their best work.

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2. Invest in good HR technologies

Just like many other functions in today’s companies, most human resources departments use various programs to keep track of personnel, including the onboarding process. It will be much easier to sort through candidates if you have a reliable program that performs the functions you need.

While you’ll still likely need to do some of the sorting yourself, these technologies let you hire people across the world.

3. Let your employees into the process

Many companies have an HR representative or the managers of specific teams conduct the interviews, but this often excludes the actual employees who will work more directly with the new co-worker.

The New York Times suggests letting those on the team have a say in what’s happening. You could have them look over applications or check out examples of potential candidates’ work. They likely have good insights into what a potential new co-worker will need. They are doing the specific work and have a better idea of areas where the team could use strengthening, so they may be able to pinpoint potential strengths and weaknesses even better than the people in charge.

Tailor the hiring process for your company’s needs

Your business will likely have to make changes to the hiring process as it goes along. As the company grows, what worked at one point may no longer serve well. It’s essential to take all guides for the advice they offer and then find how to adjust them to fit your specific company.

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Some places find success using job boards, while others like to seek out candidates with potential themselves. You should also find an interview approach that suits your company and your current employees.

Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. When he's not consulting, glued to a headset, he's working on one of his many business projects. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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