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AgentMatch takes on critics in an exclusive video interview


AgentMatch recently launched to criticism – some legitimate, some unfounded. We interview the pilot program’s leader to address these topics head on.


AgentMatch by launches to mixed reviews

(AGENT/GENIUS) – Move, Inc. recently unveiled their newest product, AgentMatch, putting some of their acquired talent and technology to work to surface real estate licensee transaction histories for home sellers in both the Las Vegas Valley and Northern Colorado.

The product is based on data pulled directly from the MLS and only from the MLS, and agent bios are pulled directly from their SocialBios profiles (another Move product, founded by the Team Leader at AgentMatch) at no charge, and home sellers can sort organic results based on a variety of filters, then gaining the agent’s email address and phone number without even having to register.

Addressing objections head on

But offering transaction histories can be a contentious topic, with some agents fearing their data being made public, and for reasons pertaining to how the industry is set up, for example teams, wherein only one person receives credit for transactions that involved multiple agents.

We sat down with Ernie Graham, Team Leader at AgentMatch to learn about the birth of the pilot program, the geeky tidbits behind the product, and we ask him directly about the objections surfacing related to AgentMatch.

We learned quite a bit, especially that this is the brainchild of a guy who is now operating in a startup environment with a handful of guys in Colorado rather than as part of a big huge legacy brand machine. We also learned what one thing they will never monetize under any circumstance.



  1. Kent Wolfe

    November 27, 2013 at 10:45 am

    To begin, I did watch the entire video and have some questions.
    1) It sounded as if there will never be a way for agents to upload their own data. How will agents that want to participate be a part of AgentMatch if their MLS doesn’t supply a feed?
    2) Some agents belong to multiple MLSs. If one MLS participates but another does not, not all of the agent’s transactions will be available. How will AgentMatch let consumers know all transactions may not be on an agent’s profile because of this?
    3) Most if not all of the major players in ratings, both real estate and non-real estate sites such as Google Business, Zillow, Yelp, Trulia, Amazon and Yahoo allow consumer testimonials. Will AgentMatch allow them and if so, will it have a questionnaire that is real estate focused consumers can fill out?
    4) Will consumers know if any transactions were for a relative of the agent or if the agent had a vested interest in the property? Some agents buy homes, list them themselves and flip them.
    5) In the video, you said 80% of transactions allows for a good comparision. Will the consumer know only 80% of sold properties are included?
    6) On a personal note, because AgentMatch is in testing in a limited market and many agents have questions because of a story you alluded to, do you believe the agents speaking out and asking questions are anti-consumer?

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