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Amazon Hub is about to revolutionize the mail scene

(BUSINESS NEWS) Amazon Hub is Amazon’s mail solution to mail slips and tacky colored boxes.

amazon hub

Mail security

Amazon is covering more ground in the packaging world and has unveiled a new delivery locker system, The Hub, for apartment complexes and housing complexes that may not have access to a secure mailroom.

Amazon currently already has a self-service parcel pickup and delivery service in place, but unlike Amazon Locker, The Hub promises the ability to receive packages from anyone, anytime.

Postal inconvenience

Turns out some people find it very inconvenient to come home to their apartment only to find a note on their door stating their package is at the front office, which is conveniently closed for the day. Or the infamous porch pirates; security cams can only do so much.

And then there’s the attempt to hide a gift that was ordered for someone who lives in the same household, and let me tell you, I don’t have a convincing poker face.

The big difference

So what’s are the main difference between The Hub and Amazon Locker? Amazon Lockers are yellow and contain orders shipped from Amazon complete with iconic Amazon smile. Hub lockers come in “three neutral colors” with the Amazon smile but not the Amazon name. While you may be used to seeing Amazon Lockers on the side of 7-11’s or in supermarkets, Hub lockers are strictly for residential purposes and receives packages from any sender.

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Hub lockers are always open, so there’s no worry about having to be home to receive a package or getting home before the front office closes.

For property owners, it’s a great amenity to have due to its ease of use and convenience for residents and is configured for your property. Much like the Amazon Locker, when a resident’s package has arrived, they will enter in a special PIN code that they received and the locker will open.

Things to consider

It’s a pretty good move for Amazon as it will give them insight into a lot of shipping data that they didn’t have access to before and ups the ante for those offering similar services.

While it can’t be expected to see Hub services in every housing complex, it certainly gives residents something to consider when looking for places to live.


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Ashe Segovia is a Staff Writer at The American Genius with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Southwestern University. A huge film nerd with a passion for acting and 80's movies and synthpop; the pop-cultural references are never-ending.

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