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Indeed has launched a new tool to help you land your dream job

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(BUSINESS NEWS) Indeed is making it easier for businesses and employees to become connected with the launch of a new feature.

Good help is hard to find

There are many aspects involved when owning or managing a business; especially a small one when you have less hands on deck. With that, one of the most difficult aspects is finding quality employees.

The Internet and social media have obviously played a big role in changing the game with how we apply to jobs. But sometimes when a company throws out a job listing, it can get lost in the cyber space shuffle.

Your very own career page

A beneficial, but sometimes overlooked, way of receiving résumés is by having a career page directly on your business’s website. In this past, this may have been a hassle to obtain (having to outsource the task to a web designer) but Indeed recently launched an easier way to bring a career page to your site.

The career page will post all available jobs on your website and the application process will be aided by Indeed.

Users create an account, post jobs, and set up their career page.

The benefits

A unique URL will be created with a career page, making it easier to share on social media. According to Indeed, the benefits include: the ability to attract more visitors and receive more applications, smartphone capability, and there is no coding required.

In addition, building a career page through Indeed is free.

The page can then be accessed by the reported 200 million people that visit Indeed every month.

Smartphone savvy

As previously mentioned, career pages are built to be smartphone friendly. Data from Indeed has shown that the majority of job searching is done from a mobile device (which makes sense seeing as you don’t want it on your desktop at work.)

The data shows that 78 percent of millennials search for jobs using a mobile device in 2016 while the Boomers accounted for 57.2 percent.

The career page is designed to reflect real time. Meaning, once you remove a job posting from Indeed, it will be automatically updated on your website.

Why does this matter?

Something not to overlook about this is that having a career page may be one of the best ways to acquire employees who believe in the company’s values.

Rather than searching through a random list of jobs on Craigslist, these will be applications from someone who was purposefully looking at your site.


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1 Comment

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