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Indeed’s acquisition aims for your job hunt to give a taste of the job

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(BUSINESS NEWS) Indeed is in the process of acquiring a company to make task simulations a part of the application process.

Indeed Interviewed

As one of the largest job seeking platforms out there, Indeed is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve the hiring process.

Currently, the company is in negotiations to acquire Interviewed, the job assessment tool that allows companies to add job simulations to their online applications.

Streamlining job hunts

Interviewed began as a solution to mass hiring, with the goal of going beyond first impressions and basic online applications. As an emerging start-up out of Y Combinator’s 2015 round, they quickly raised over $2 million in funding and took on major clients, such as Indeed.

Interviewed evaluates on-the-job skills for non-technical jobs through automated simulations.

These simulations can be used for customer support, sales and administrative positions. For instance, when applying for a sales position, Interviewed allows the employer to add on a cold call and mock email simulation to see how each candidate will realistically approach the job position.

Candidates may also have to write a simulated response to a customer inquiry.

Candidates are then evaluated and automated scores are immediately sent to the employers. Through the use of Interviewed’s advanced simulations, companies can weed out potential employees that may look good on paper, but that lack the technical skills to perform the job to the fullest extent.

This also prevents companies from looking over applicants that may not seem to fit the job, by seeing how their skill level compares instead of relying solely on in-person interviews. This will save time both the employer and potential employee.

Customizing postings

By acquiring Interviewed, Indeed will offer the option to add customizations to online job postings. Companies can choose between automated phone screenings, customer support, administrative assistant tests and excel tests.

They hope this will improve the hiring process by testing the actual skills of candidates.

In the same way companies will benefit, candidates will get a first-had look of the expectations of the job they are applying for.

The same but not

Though Indeed will now own Interviewed, they are still having the tool operate as a separate entity for the time being.

All of Interviewed’s current employees and founders will also now have job positions at Indeed to ensure easy integration.


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