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Job hunter prints résumé on his car, drives around town

job hunter

(Business News) The hunt for a job can be tedious in all industries, in all nations, and one job hunter got creative with promoting himself, accelerating the hiring process.

job hunter

Ingenious way to display a résumé

When searching for a job, the first thing many people suggest is updating and fine-tuning your résumé. This is good advice, but often times it is not enough. While there are classes, apps, and specialty services offering assistance in revamping your résumé, this will not help if you cannot find a suitable position to apply for in the job market. More and more people have been put in the difficult situation of desperately searching for employment.

Job hunter, Denys Poulet, invented his own solution to this problem. Poulet is a French engineer, frustrated with trying to find a job through traditional means; he took to the streets, literally. He rented an electric car for ten days and covered it with decals, each one detailing a portion of his résumé; his experience, achievements, and skills.

Poulet even made a decal to display his social networking information, so people could get in contact with him easily. Job seekers have placed their résumés on billboards, candy bars, and t-shirts, but this is perhaps, the first instance of a mobile résumé.

This creative way to job hunt proved to be a great conversation starter. As he drove around, people would ask about his credentials and he was offered several different positions.

Perhaps this is the way to seek employment in the future: creatively advertise yourself and hope that someone comes to you, rather than sending out hundreds of copies of your résumé in hopes that you will hear back from at least one employer. Often, when you send out stacks of résumés, it takes weeks, and in some cases, months, to hear back and Poulet received offers after just ten days. It certainly seems less frustrating and definitely something to consider, but would you hire someone who advertised themselves like this?



  1. Gabe Sanders

    May 24, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Probably not the best way to seek a new position if you’re currently employed. 🙂

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