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Sprint’s tune changes, they’ll throttle heavy users’ data after all

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(Business News) After investing millions in advertising that users won’t be limited on their network, Sprint will be throttling high-volume users. What?


Sprint changes their tune

For years, Sprint’s marketing campaigns have focused on their competitors’ data caps and throttling of heavy users, implying their superiority for not engaging in that type of behavior.

The company has changed their tune, and starting next month, it will begin slowing their data speeds of their most high-volume mobile device users by five percent to deal with network congestion, reports The Verge.

Sprint’s website now states that there will be new “prioritization” to fairly allocate network resources during congested times:

The goal of congestion management is to enable the majority of users to have access to a fair share of the network at peak times, when congestion occasionally occurs. Most customers will notice an improved wireless data experience due to Sprint’s congestion management. Customers subject to prioritization may experience reduced throughput or speed compared to their normal experience on non-congested sites.

Sprint has not publicized how slow the data speed will be, but says that consumers can expect “slower-than-normal data speeds until congestion has passed.”

The company has also not clarified what it takes for a consumer to be considered in the top five percent, particularly because that tier is reset every month. It is being said that consumers using over 5GB or more each month are likely to be affected.

The throttling will also affect prepaid customers with Boost and Virgin Mobile USA.

Rather than celebrate users’ using their tools they’ve encouraged them to do liberally (via print, radio, tv, and social media campaigns), the company’s FAQ site states that high-volume users “consume a disproportionate share of network resources and cause a negative user experience for the rest.” Ouch.



  1. DavidFR

    May 8, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    I think customers working in offices, situated in most
    congested area, should re-think and plan for switch……If you get better signal reception of T-Mo, it has open offer to switch with reimbursement of ETF ………………….telecomvibe(dot)com

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