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Walmart shuts down Goodies Co. snack subscription service


Goodies Co. launched as part of Walmart Labs’ experiments with startups, and after nearly a year, orders have ceased.


Walmart nixes popular subscription service

Walmart Labs has been experimenting with launching startups for over a year now, and one of their earliest, and most popular services, Goodies Co., a snack delivery service, has ended.

Goodies Co. launched as a service where users could sign up to receive a box of healthy snacks from Walmart’s lineup, sent directly to their house every month for only $7.00. The boxes were themed and was designed to give recipients a taste of foods they may have missed in the store or perhaps would never have picked up otherwise, with Walmart selecting the surprise snacks every month.

Walmart had also set up an online community where Goodies Co. subscribers could review the products they’re trying in the goodie boxes, and connect with fellow fans and critics, a community the company also set up to benefit the producers, many of whom are smaller companies with healthy food options. If a member liked something they were sent, they could order a full-sized version of it from the Goodies Co. website.

What’s next for Goodies Co?

Walmart is being very tight lipped about next steps, but when users go to the Goodies Co. site, they can no longer order or visit the community, rather are greeted with a somewhat vague goodbye letter:

“Dear Goodies Users,

We thank you for being an engaged member of the Goodies community. We’ve had such fun sharing our tasty food discoveries with you and hope you found some new favorite snacks along the way.

When we launched Goodies Co as a test from WalmartLabs, our goal was to build a completely new, affordable way to discover and buy new products. Your input has been invaluable and we’re eager to bring a bit of that Goodies magic to the world of Walmart shopping. We can’t tell you much more about what we’re working on just yet, except that we’re excited.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Thanks for your support as a loyal customer and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.

Warm regards,
The Goodies Team

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