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Scientists discovered a new continent but sorry, you can’t move there

(SUPER NEWS) Scientists are announcing a new continent. Seriously. In 2017. It’s not Atlantis, but it’s close enough. And you don’t get to live there.

zealandia new continent


This week, scientists discovered a new underwater continent, Zealandia, in the Southwestern Pacific. Now we know what you’re thinking. Upon hearing this news, if you immediately envision Atlantis, you’ll have to stop right there.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Zealandia is 94 percent submerged under the ocean, so in other words, you cannot live there. ” quote=”Zealandia is 94 percent submerged under the ocean, so in other words, you cannot live there. “]

It rests just beneath New Zealand, New Caledonia, and other island territories.

Tell me more

The 11 researchers who made the statement claim that Zealandia is comprised of about 1.8 million square miles of continental crust hidden under the waters of New Zealand.

According to them, describing it as a continent as opposed to a collection of small territories, “more correctly represents the geology of Earth.”

The mass itself is about two-thirds the size of Australia and considered to be separate from that continent altogether. However, this was no “ah-ha” moment. Over time, these researchers have been gathering data to support their claim, which they refer to as more of a “gradual realization.” Zealandia opens up new doors for their scientific research. Specifically, the discovery impacts any further investigation of continental rifting, thinning and breakup.

New New Zealandia

Such a major declaration was sure to shake up the world, and most people are taking to social media to share their thoughts. According to most of the popular tweets, people are trying to figure out how they can move to Zealandia pronto and maybe even become the new leader there. This claim doesn’t seem so far-fetched these days.

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However, unless these people plan on chartering a submarine or turning into mermaids, the chances of living or even visiting this unchartered new territory are slim to none.

It is a new point of pride for those living in New Zealand and New Caledonia. Plus, with this new discovery, who’s to say what will pop up in the future. Perhaps a new land that everyone really can move to.


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