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“Dog Ran” and other marketing bloopers gone amuck

marketing typos

Realtors that don’t proof read their property descriptions in the MLS inevitably end up in the hall of shame here at AGBeat. We hand pick these bloopers in hope that you will be inspired to check yourself before you go and wreck yourself.

marketing typos
Welcome to this week’s blooper reel, friends. We all know that selling homes is a skill, not a game of cards. However, with some of these agents, selling must be a game of luck and chance. Check out these classic MLS bloopers – the Joker is wild!

Deal ’em!

“Arthritic detailing” (‘Intoned my doctor while viewing an x-ray of my blown-out knees…)

‘Buyer to check date” (For what – lice?)

‘This house promises morte” (  Freddy Krueger ‘s voice mail greeting, I presume?)

“Very unicorn house” (Very horse’s a_ _  agent.)

“Canyon cottage w/ querty decor” (Let me guess – idiotic from A-Z?)

This Hand Stinks!

“Extensions added” (Oh, so that’s why  Ziggy Marley  is hanging from your roof!)

“Ope 12-5” (Uh, Ron Howard’s contract on the Andy Griffith Show?)

“Bach nearby” (Is this a burial site in a German cemetery?)

“Park trails – enjoy rubbing” (Sign at a park in West Hollywood.)

“Dog ran” (So should your seller…)

Don’t Bet on This One

“For those who want tall” (Post-It Note stuck to Liam Neeson’s  back in the third grade.)

“Autocratic sprinklers” (Conform to their dictates or get hosed.)

“Yard with windy pats” (If Pat is that windy, she needs a colonic.)

“This one can’t be sirpissed” (Yellowed sign on Men’s Room wall next to the urinal.)

Gin is What You’re Drinking!

“Be aware of smoking buns in Laurel Canyon area.” (Are you referring to our homegrown crop or the fine a_ _?)

“This house has soup nuts” (Alas, my ex had the same problem.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell! 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Crudo_Realtor

    October 11, 2012 at 9:46 am

    @LeoKingston # proof read article AWESOME.. .LOVED IT !! Will RT

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