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Falling beneath the shadow of digital introversion

Attractive extroversion

Attractive extroversion = casting a digital overshadow. I bet most of the successful sales people you know are outgoing, friendly and socially savvy. Successful sales people are extroverts. Even if you’re really an introvert (like I am), to be successful in real estate the people, experience, trust and personal-services-business, you have to glow outwardly not inwardly. Glowing outward casts an overshadow. We want to cast and overshadow, not disappear beneath one.

Digital introversion

Digital introversion = disappearing beneath an overshadow. More and more of the people we know spend more and more time and attention happily immersed inside of their digital social worlds (for example, here you are reading this and maybe sharing it across the inter-webs). The questions I ask myself and ask you to ask yourself is this, “Am I glowing a positive presence in my in-real-life world and their digital worlds? Or is my glow lopsided?

In real life we’d never dream of embracing introversion as a business strategy.  But in the digital world, introverted social behaviors and antisocial mostly absent are pretty common place. If we’re not conversing and connecting with people everywhere they live, in-real-life and digital-life, we’ll fall beneath the overshadow of those that do. As we recover our balance in 2012 (yay!) let’s remember the importance of radiating an attractive glow of friendly, outgoing, helpful and socially savvy extroversion is just as important in digital world as it is in-real-life. Identify lopsides, shore up, show up and succeed perpetually.

Cheers, and thanks for reading.


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