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marketing typos

Marketing typos that would offend even the most casual client

January 9, 2013

marketing typos
Here we go again – it’s Blooper Madness. Honestly folks, these marketing typos and ridiculous gaffes are not all from here in L.A. Bruce Walter will back me up on that, as some of these head-scratchers come from his local area of Indiana.

I get submissions from everywhere, so I guess all the nuts haven’t rolled to California after all… although I will admit that we have a surplus. Please enjoy:

That had to Hurt

“Updates include 200 amo electrical” (Obviously you’ve tested that by putting your tongue in an outlet.)

“Experian high quallity” (Rather than boasting about your credit scores, how ’bout getting a loan to pay for a proof reader?)

“Beautiful mud century detaining” (I’ll alert the shepherds.)

“New Country French destain” (There’s nothing new about the French hating us, pal.)

“Experience peace and statuary” (No wonder the French hate us – apparently you’re trying to sell the Louvre.)

That Must have Left A Scar

“Cleaver detailing” (Oozed Eddie Haskell when Beaver Cleaver blew up the kitchen.)

“Photos don’t do this injustice” (The great unsell. How’s that working out for ya, pal?)

“Stunnned designer home” (Methinks you both were tasered.)

“Crab appeal” (What’s this – a sign at a Sig Chi frat house?)

“Enter via a lawn driveway” (I believe that’s called a fairway.)

That One Left an Odor

“3Bad/Ba” (Ba Ba, Bad Sheep…)

“Slain roof” (Your spelling obviously killed it.)

“Frosty glass accents in klitchen” (My guess is that you’re the one who emptied those frosty glasses.)

“Motion censors” (Apparently mimes now have their own FCC.)

And This Week’s Winner Left Reality

“HOA includes community poop” (I think we all just did a community poop upon reading this.)

That’s it for this week, folks. Remember: spell well and sell!

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