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CoFoundersLab connects entrepreneurial cofounders


Like a modern matchmaker, CoFoundersLab helps people with various skills connect in a meaningful way so they can launch a business together with talents that complement each other.


CoFoundersLab is like a professional matchmaker

The ways in which we meet people are becoming increasingly digitized; years ago, people communicated in person, phone or mail – today we have email and engines that can spin up people we should meet with the click of a mouse. Meeting via an online platform has proven successful in areas such as online dating, but CoFoundersLab shows that the same concept can be applied to business as well. The company serves as a matchmaking service for entrepreneurs looking for co-founders and individuals looking to start fruitful business partnerships.

When you have an idea for a business, it’s likely that you have the core idea of what you want it to blossom into, but you might not have all of the pieces and players necessarily to launch and operate successfully. Say you have your business plan ironed out and have secured funding, but you don’t know how to write code or do some other critical business process – you can’t just move ahead without it.

Those that need help can log onto the CoFoundersLab site, type in their city and what kind of person they’re looking for, be it a business developer or a product manager, and it will pull up all the people that meet that criteria within a certain mile radius.

Expanding the possibilities for business

The site expands the potential reach of business owners and gives them more possibilities for partnerships beyond the connections they just happen to make by chance. If you have an idea and are determined to find a like-minded partner that can help achieve that goal, CoFoundersLab aggregates a pool of people that will compliment your skills and business practices.

Keep in mind that, just like dating, not every match is created equal; therefore the site utilizes a proprietary algorithm to surface the best matches for your needs and filter out those that aren’t as strong of a fit. The company also sponsors business matchmaking Meetups in various cities throughout the U.S., so check out their site to see if there’s a “date” night scheduled near you.

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