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PartnerRent: rent space within an existing business is in early beta, matching vendors with existing retail space, be it a small shelf, a wall, or even an entire space for showcasing. For young companies or online vendors, it’s a great way to gain exposure, or test the waters.



partner rent

partner rent

PartnerRent perfect for young businesses, online retailers

Sometimes being a small business owner means you’re the only one attached to your brand. You may be an artist, fashion designer, or you’ve created a great new product. Whatever it is your company is about, you should have the opportunity to showcase what you have to offer, even with a small budget. Sometimes when you’re on your own in your business and you don’t have a huge budget, it can be difficult to bring the attention or awareness your work deserves.

Instead of slumming it as many small business owners had to do in the past, there is now a way for you to feature your products or designs in already-established boutiques, retail businesses, and other locations, locations that already have a huge following.

PartnerRent is a very young startup that lets you rent space in other businesses, allowing you to showcase your work. But the best thing is that you only rent the space you need, whether that is one shelf at your local bakery or a rack of your latest clothing designs at the hottest boutique in town. You can rent a space as small as one square foot, or of course much larger spaces. Every arrangement is different. Some are for an hour and others are for days at a time. You can match your needs with what shop owners are offering, or you can dictate your needs and see if a space available matches it.

A new set of potential customers

As someone looking for a small or large space to rent for your products, one of the benefits of PartnerRent is that you no longer have cold call a business. You can set everything up easily online when it’s convenient for you. You can also set up an arrangement outside of your city. Just pick the location that best targets your potential customers or demographics. You also get to take advantage of that store’s foot traffic. This gives you access to a new set of potential customers for your brand.

However, if you are a business owner with space you want to rent out through PartnerRent, there are benefits for you, too. You can make use of every square foot of empty space of your store or office, earning you more money and giving a small business or entrepreneur a shot at success in a tough professional world. PartnerRent creates a connection between those professionals who are already established and those looking to expand their reach, and it’s mutually beneficial.

PartnerRent is in very early beta…

Note from AGBeat COO, Lani Rosales: PartnerRent is in very early beta stage, and with any beta products, the team is working out the kinks, but if you’re willing to list your retail location or heck, even office location, the “list your space” button at the top right takes you where you need to go, and if you want to rent space, there are already a few options that are public. Although not necessarily ready for primetime, we introduce you to the company because we know you’re cutting edge, want to know the trends, and probably want to get involved. We’ll have the backstory for you when the company exits beta and becomes available to all.

The reason we are particularly excited about this startup is that we haven’t seen a site that matches these needs, but have seen in person success in this arena. In college, I worked at a bridal salon, and in one corner of the upscale boutique was a gorgeous white desk where an independent young woman’s invitations company sat, as she subleased that space. It worked for everyone involved seamlessly, so we know the concept is good. Now, there’s a website to match, and we think it will take off when they finish their beta!

The American Genius Staff Writer: Charlene Jimenez earned her Master's Degree in Arts and Culture with a Creative Writing concentration from the University of Denver after earning her Bachelor's Degree in English from Brigham Young University in Idaho. Jimenez's column is dedicated to business and technology tips, trends and best practices for entrepreneurs and small business professionals.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tinu

    December 26, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    This actually sounds really neat. I’d love to be able to rent a shelf in a bookstore for example. They still have those, right?

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Cowrkr gives you accountability while you work solo

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) Being accountable for your own accountability is a tall order. Join Cowrkr and let someone else do it for you.



cowrkr geek buffer web design digital academy desk laptop ddos

My boyfriend and I have always had a great appreciation for film and television, as well as the writing that goes into it. We always talk about different project ideas, but never get too far in execution with the busyness of real life.

Last night, I finally thought of a way that we can help each other bring our projects to completion, and that is simply by holding each other accountable. I suggest that each week we could have a new task that is due by 10 p.m. Sunday night.

We both have ideas for scripts, so the plan is to start off with having a plot synopsis and character list due the first week, having an outline due the second week, and so on. This will not only help keep us on track but will also help in terms of formatting ideas.

While I’m grateful that this little plan has come together, I know that most people aren’t working on similar projects to people they are close with. Therefore, they may need to look elsewhere for accountability.

Now freelancers and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to be matched with a fellow freelancer or entrepreneur to help hold each other accountable for their respective projects. Meet Cowrkr.

“This is an initiative to help makers keep themselves socially accountable by getting them to build publicly,” says cowrkr developers.

Users sign up and give some info regarding what project they’re working on and what they’re shipping. It works by connecting two makers at a time and cowrkr works to help each maker keep the other accountable until each project is completed.

Once a project has been completed, the makers then end their accountability relationship. When their next project comes along, they will then be assigned a different maker.

Cowrkr’s website does not give a ton of insight as to how the algorithms and matching systems work, but it is an intriguing idea for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to take their individual projects to the next level.

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The top 10 startup cities in America

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) If you’re thinking about launching a startup anytime soon you may want to check out this list on the top 10 cities for startups.



The digital revolution is in full swing, and some cities are setting themselves up to capitalize upon these innovations by supporting startups.

In order to “better understand the U.S. cities driving the digital revolution,” several groups have come together to rank which cities are making the most of the tech startup boom.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1776, the U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center, and have teamed up to publish a report called Innovation That Matters (ITM).

The report analyzes and ranks U.S. cities on such factors as startup capital, the connectivity of startups, startup culture, the availability of worker talent and specialization, and more. Data was taken from surveys of entrepreneurs and businesspeople, startups, and leaders in public and private sectors.

J.D. Harrison, senior director of strategic communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that the “digital revolution has the potential to make winners of some cities and leave others behind.”

The study aims to find out which cities “embrace this shift to a digital economy and actively support technology startups,” arguing that these cities “will be the best positioned to unleash the power of high-impact innovation and cultivate vibrant, thriving communities.”

The top ten ranking cities are as follows:

10) Portland, Oregon because every city needs a nickname, has been dubbed the Silicon Forest, referencing its leadership in green tech.

9) New York City, New York. The largest tech hub on the east coast.

8) Seattle, Washington. Home to and several other tech firms, with Microsoft’s headquarters in nearby Redmond.

7) Dallas, Texas. Dtown moved up significantly by increasing startup connectivity and tapping into a large, diverse workforce.

6) Atlanta, Georgia. The “most improved” city on the ITM list, moving up 15 places to number six due to a surge in financial, educational, and health tech industries.

5) Austin,Texas. Home of The American Genius, Austin has become a “haven for tech-savvy millennials seeking good-paying job opportunities.” Besides hosting many tech startups, Austin still has a relatively affordable cost of living.

4) San Diego, California. San Diego is full of cybersecurity, Big Data, robotics, and software startups.

3)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also known as Philicon Alley, moved up from number eight by deregulating and becoming more business-friendly.

2) San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay also ranked number two last year. The seaside neighbor to the Silicon Valley has been doing a great job attracting seed funding these days.

1) Boston, Massachusetts. This is the second year in a row that Boston has topped this list, due to its large number of startups and robust entrepreneur population.

How does your city rank?

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Customer surveys tell more than just satisfaction

(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) While they can be annoying for the consumer and cost time for the company, customer feedback surveys are crucial to your business.




While Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson, and Steve Harvey may not be able to personally help you with customer service, what they have in common can. Surveys, and personalized follow-up attention in general, help clients and consumers know that they mean something to your business.

For the sake of this article (and the fast-paced, technological world we live in) I am going to be speaking about surveys. However, I want to share this anecdote first.

I used to work front desk at a salon and part of my job was to follow up with new guests about a week after their appointment.

Now, most of the time, my calls went to voicemail, which were never returned; but every once in awhile a human answered.

After going through the spiel of why I was calling, I could almost always sense a sound of surprise from the other line before the person answered my question. One conversation in particular left me realizing how important this seemingly useless task was.

I called an older woman and asked her about a recent appointment she had at the salon. She thanked me for calling and then went into detail about how great the appointment was and how much getting her hair done meant to her.

Before we hung up she said, “thank you again for calling. A salon has never done this before.” It then hit me like a ton of bricks just how significant something as small as a callback is.

If you have the time, definitely make those callbacks to clients as it could be very meaningful. However, it’s understandable that most of us may not have the time in our schedule for personalized phone calls.

So if that’s the case, don’t forget about surveys. I know most of them will either go to spam or go unanswered, but the mere fact that you’re sending it out shows clients and customers that you care about their business.

And, for those surveys that do receive responses, it can be extremely beneficial for your company as you can get insight into what works and what doesn’t. There’s really no disadvantage to this tactic, so remember to make time for that follow up with existing clients rather than just focusing on getting new ones.

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