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Swivelfly launches, on-demand furniture for your office is a click away

February 11, 2016


“Furnish space at start-up pace”

In a world where innovation aims to make all business processes time efficient, developers everywhere are searching high and low to come up with the next big product or service. But a lot of times you don’t really have to look very far to find a simple problem that can lead to a major invention.

Which is why Swivelfly, a company that solves the problem of wasting time on ordering furniture for the entire office, is such a simple yet brilliant solution.


Launched this week

This week, Swivelfly will launch and introduce their never before seen furniture–as–a–service business model. This will be the industries first ever furniture subscription service that allows businesses to choose from ready made, curated photos to customize, and simplify their furniture selections for the office. So what used to take weeks, now should only take about an hour.

One less thing to worry about

It works by taking into account employee count and workspace size before calculating the right furniture selection for you. Essentially removing the guesswork and headache out of trying to figure out what furniture can fit, where it should go, and if you have enough.

This could be an amazing life-saver in the midst of all the stress that goes into opening a new workspace, and is one less logistic to worry about.

The serial entrepreneur in mind

According to their press release, Swivelfly was designed with serial entrepreneurs in mind, which makes me think this would be mostly utilized with start-ups looking to expand their organization. Not to say it can’t also be used for large companies looking to downsize, businesses who want to revamp their offices, or small temporary offices.

Time will tell

Swivelfly is a good idea, however I do have a few concerns. Services offering product in bulk often time sacrifice quality to deliver quantity. Is the quality of the furniture worth replacing traditional furniture stores? Also, will the price be feasible for the targeted start up’s its intended for?

As long as price and quality aren’t an obstacle, I can see Swivelfly being extremely popular in its release, and replacing the traditional method of furniture selecting. What do you think?


Lauren Flanigan is a Staff Writer at The American Genius, hailing from the windy hills of Cincinnati, with a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. She has escaped the hills, and currently resides in Atlanta, where you can almost always find her camping at a Starbucks strategizing on how to take over the world.


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