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71 Pounds automatically looks for money owed to you

71 pounds

71 Pounds is a new software program that automatically tracks and collects FedEx and UPS late shipment refunds for small to mid-sized businesses.

71 pounds

71 Pounds finds money for you

71 Pounds is based on the principle that every parcel shipment comes with a money-back-guarantee. If your overnight or ground shipment is late, even by sixty seconds, you get 100% of your money back.

This software automatically retrieves customer’s shipping data, audits shipments against guaranteed time commitments, and notifies customers of their approved refunds.

What is considered “late,” or refundable?

71 Pound’s web site states, “Every overnight and ground shipment comes with a guaranteed time commitment. Overnight (or air) shipments have a time-definite guarantee. When you purchase a FedEx First Overnight or UPS Next Day Early AM service, you expect your shipment to be delivered by 8.00 am the next day. 8.01 am is late. You should get 100% of your money back. With FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Next Day Air your shipment should arrive by 10.30 am to most destinations (*). 10.31 am is late. We’ll explain the (*) below. FedEx Standard Overnight and UPS Next Day Air Saver should arrive by 3 pm to most destinations.”

And if you’re wondering about the (*) exceptions, it mostly applies to rural areas. You can view 71 Pounds FAQs here, for more information.

Making the process invisible

Owner and CEO of 71 Pounds, Jose Li, states, “we created a proprietary technology to make this tedious process invisible to our customers.” And Li should know exactly what that process is like. His background is in shipping and the e-commerce industry for which he’s worked in fifteen years. He says, “he’s worn both shoes:” he worked for Jamba Juice as a shipper and for FedEx as a carrier. He said he also understands how difficult it can be for a small business that struggles with limited time, resources and knowledge to effectively and efficiently file a claim in order to get these shipping refunds.

71 Pounds offers no sign-up or monthly fees and you can cancel at any time. However, they do charge a service fee of 50% of your refunds, which they say is “comparable to other cost-recovery services, such as tax audits.” This is a good option to look in to if you do any type of volume shipping via FedEx or UPS.



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