7 hot Firefox Add-Ons to boost your business productivity

The internet is an essential part of most modern businesses. As a business professional, you may use the internet to connect with clients, employees, or customers. You may even use it to create and send invoices or research the newest technologies that can improve your business. Business productivity is both enhanced and lessened by the internet. If the browser you use the most is Firefox, using the right add-on can boost your productivity and even lessen your stress levels. Here are seven add-ons to consider implementing today.

1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time – This easy-to-use add-on tracks how you spend your time online, so you can see exactly how much time you’re wasting and how you can improve your time management and productivity skills. You can even customize which websites Rescue Time sees as nonproductive.

2. FastestFox

FastestFox – FastestFox focuses on speeding up your repetitive tasks, such as tweeting a link or searching for something on Wikipedia. According to its description, you can “auto-load the next page” and improve your internet searching. And what could be more productive than that?

3. The Browser Highlighter

The Browser Highlighter – The Browser Highlighter can make surfing the internet easier by allowing you to highlight important information like emails, phone numbers, and business hours of operation so you can find it easily later.

4. LeechBlock

LeechBlock – While the internet can boost your productivity at work, it can also help you waste ample by time surfing the web and casually exploring social networking sites and profiles. The LeechBlock add-on will “block those time-wasting sites” so that you can focus on your professional tasks and make the most of your workday.

5. FfChrome

FfChrome – This simple add-on will declutter your Firefox context menus. This makes it easier to find the option you need. You can customize it to have your most used options easily accessible. However, if you need another option, you can easily choose “show all” and find what you need.

6. StretchClock

StretchClock – Staring at your computer for hours can leave you feeling stiff and give you a headache. And that’s just not good for productivity. The StretchClock add-on will remind you when to take a break from your computer. While this may seem counter-intuitive when you’re trying to increase productivity, it actually can help you refocus and can lower your stress levels. And it provides you with a minute or two every hour to stretch or maybe take a short walk.

7. ImageExchange

ImageExchange – If you work with images—whether for your website, your blog, or for instructional materials—the ImageExchange add-on will identify licensable images for your use. This add-on enables you to search through online images and license these images by connecting you to the image licensor so you can customize the image size for your needs.

Improving your productivity by simple, easily accessible, and convenient Firefox add-ons is a free alternative to many other expensive programs. These add-ons will enable you to make the most out of your workday, no matter if that’s ten hours or three hours. And if any of these apps aren’t right for your professional needs, simply uninstall them and try another. Boosting your productivity is as simple as that.


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