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Internet Explorer market share expanding, browser wars still hot

The browser wars are still hot and recently, Internet Explorer has made some gains globally, despite a stigma the company has been trying to shed with their new “Metro” design language.

Viva the browser wars

According to NetApplications, Internet Explorer is gaining ground in the heated browser wars. Microsoft points out that they now account for nearly half of Windows 7 users’ browsing use, measuring their core metric of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) use.

The company notes that IE usage increased worldwide and saw gains of almost a full point globally for March, accounting for 53.8 percent of all browser use. The growth is impressive, but we would point out that it is strictly reported on Windows 7 users which is not the best metric for overall browser use, but is a measure nonetheless.

Why the growth could continue

Although there is a negative stigma attached to Internet Explorer as stuffy and outdated, and some tech startups have even opted out of supporting IE altogether, the newest version of IE has many taking note of Microsoft’s design trend. Where things stand right now is a stabilization in loss of market share.

When Windows 8 is released and Internet Explorer 10 is launched, the market share could grow substantially as the Microsoft’s “Metro” design language created for designing the Windows 7 phone interface crosses over into their operating system and browser. Reports point out that “Metro” is not just a design language, but a design standard and a “state of mind” for the entire company that is seeking to innovate after losing their edge for so many years.

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Between the Metro look (seen below) and feel, and the fact that IE comes standard on so many PCs (and sales are up), the Windows 8 and IE10 release could go a long way toward shedding the stigma of their being outdated. What remains to be seen is what support apps and programs have for IE and if the trend of ignoring IE altogether continues, in favor of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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Marti Trewe reports on business and technology news, chasing his passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to stay well informed in the fast paced 140-character world. Marti rarely sleeps and thrives on reader news tips, especially about startups and big moves in leadership.



  1. Roland Eatrada

    April 2, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    Wow, 1% huh? Hold on to your hat Minerva. IE is back! Oh wait sorry, dead-cat bounce.

    The only reason Windows 8 might bring an uptick is because it isn’t immediately apparent how to load another browser on as a tile. And that presumes W8 doesn’t turn out to be Vista or worse. I found W8 rather tedious to use.

  2. Roland Estrada

    May 24, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Well, well, well. Is that IE I see at 38%… I believe it is! I hate to say I told you so but sometimes I just really love it. Some people just need to hang on to fading tech right along with their typewriters and fax machines. 🙂

  3. Roland Estrada

    May 16, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    I think Marti Trewe is usually hanging on to bad tech or touting something the that will never catch on.

    • Lani Rosales

      May 17, 2016 at 10:05 am

      Roland, you’re aware this article by Marti was written many years ago, yes?

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