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Genius smart clutch fits iPhone, Blackberry and Android

Cases for smartphones are easy to find, but smart bags or smart clutches, or even smart wallets are a little harder to come by.


Smart clutch fits most smartphones

The Crown Smart Pouch is a wallet used as a clutch because of its wriststrap, but is ingenious because it fits almost any smartphone and offers space for the headphone cord to still be inserted in the device, which is particularly useful for women who use their headphones for their mic and earbuds on calls.

Additionally, this particular smart clutch says credit cards and smartphones are kept in different sections and protects cards from demagnetization. This particular clutch is super inexpensive, at only $13.99, and comes in several colors. We suspect the price point is because it’s not made of real leather. It’s light, at only 1.6 ounces, and is 5.12 inches by 3.93 inches.



Other high tech bag options:

So maybe that particular clutch isn’t your flavor. We’ve hunted down some alternatives for all genders and professions:

  1. Everpurse actually charges your phone will in the purse. Genius. The concept was so popular on that it has been funded, and should hit the market in 2013.
  2. Waterproof Smartphone cases even allow you to wear waterproof earbuds under water, take pictures, and the like. Great for running in the rain, snorkeling, or pool fun.
  3. Phorce, the world’s first smart bag charges all devices from an iPhone to an Android phone or Macbook Pro in the messenger bag, great for men. Everpurse as mentioned above is a more stylish option for women, while Phorce caters to men and super geeks. Phorce has met its goal on Kickstarter as of today, so it looks like the company should start production for a 2013 rollout.
  4. The Power Commute Laptop Messenger by Timbuk2 is built exactly for what it says – power commuting. It’s got a built in power pack that fits most smartphones and devices, and even has a TSA compliant laptop sleeve and stretchy water bottle pockets. It’s a little more pricey, but looks to be constructed from high quality materials. Genius.
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