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“The Best Business Advice I Ever Got”

June 26, 2009

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Best Advice

On Twitter and Facebook, I asked people to tell me the best business advice they’ve ever received (in 140 characters or less).

The advice ranged from etiquette tips to perseverance guidance and the business advice people have received is diverse, inspirational and plentiful, so take a minute to read the advice below and add yours in comments!
business advice via twitter


Lani is the Chief Operating Officer at The American Genius and sister news outlet, The Real Daily, and has been named in the Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders several times, co-authored a book, founded BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.


  1. Don’t be attached to the outcome.

  2. Expect positive results every time. Add the word “Next” to your vocabulary.

  3. Have fun.

  4. There’s no room for drama in business.

  5. The market for HOPE is infinite. ~Hugh MacLeod

    Love the added fizz-twitter-wrappers. Has anyone told you lately that you’re insanely clever?


  6. “There are no asterisks in this business, only scoreboards.” – Ari Gold: Entourage

    The full quote actually is: “There are no asterisks in this business, only scoreboards. And ours is currently reading f**ked!”

  7. A CEO impressed upon us (for time mgmt) that “if it doesn’t move the business forward … don’t do it”.

  8. Never be afraid to share your idea. If it’s any good, people won’t steal it, you’ll have to shove it down their throats.

  9. Lani – Love the article (was looking forward to it). I like Jay’s in the comment section. “Have fun.” I truly don’t think any work should seem like it’s not fun. Sure there are moments, but those moments are fleeting. You have to demand fun from your work. If it won’t give it to you, sometimes you have to slap work around the head a few times and make it relent.

    I heard something the other day that really got to me.

    Are you worthy of what you’re getting out of your work? If your work is not producing results that you’re worthy of then it’s time to raise the outcome to your standards.

  10. As usual, AG comes up with love for common sense and ties it to business advice: It is free, and up to us to take it.

    “Have fun.” Jay Thompson, Not playing favorites here , just sayin’… 🙂

  11. Had I known you were taking screen shots, I would have ditched the Shrek avatar. Oh well. Also, If I wasn’t worried about giving you a big head, I’d agree with Ken’s ‘insanely clever’ comment. 🙂

  12. Set goals and hold yourself accountable to them

  13. Track where you business is coming from. If it is producing results put more add more $ to it.

    If it isn’t then STOP.

  14. What a great idea for an article, Lani! It was so much fun reading through all of the replies. Lots of pearls of wisdom on this page.

    And…just to add a few giggles to the mix – advice from a very “old-world” stepmother – “when all else fails, marry a rich man.” (hey don’t cringe – I said she was old world, which is older than old skool and old fashioned combined! lol)

  15. From Dad: “Producing results in business is the #1 factor that matters, and there is no #2. Integrity is assumed.”

  16. Just stellar. I love life… and always love being reminded of that.

  17. You have one mouth and two ears, use them in direct proportion to what God gave you.

  18. Jay and I are on the same wavelength.

    Have Fun.
    Help People.
    Make Money.

  19. Remember your boss is not your friend

  20. Strategy matters and passion rules … now more than ever!

    (I loved reading all of the other comments- great stuff, btw.)

  21. Love this one
    “Control your reaction; you have a chance. Don’t control it; you have no chance.” — Dirk Zeller.

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